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Vehicles Search From All Over Ukraine

Vehicles search from all over Ukraine

Search advertising for this website was targeted to the maximum coverage of the audience and a large amount of keywords, and search terms. This gives an opportunity to choose the most effective ads.

Modern Printing House "Press Corporation Limited"

Modern printing house "Press corporation limited"

Campaign’s goal was to attract large scale customers for the printing house, audience is selected individually, because preferred conversion is an order from large companies and long-term partnership.

English Language Courses

English language courses

CPC advertising campaign aimed to increase conversions and attract more students who sign up for the trial lessons, because usually those who are interested stay and use school`s services.

Online Shop Of Wedding And Evening Dresses

Online shop of wedding and evening dresses

The purpose of advertising was to attract visitors to the site, and accordingly, to increase the purchase. The store has a showroom, regional emphasis. No sales on the Internet. It was possible to significantly increase attendance. Advertising campaign in progress. Niche is very competitive – women’s clothing. But since the store is in one city only, the focus is just on it.

Hypermarket Of Goods For Home And Beauty

Hypermarket of goods for home and beauty

The purpose of the campaign is to increase traffic to the site and sales of goods online, retail. E-commerce was set up to track purchases on the site. Also for the complex effect, advertising in social networks was started, with the visitors’ orientation to the site. This is also a highly competitive niche, so contextual advertising is an important factor in the development of the site.

Center For Personal Development For Children And Adolescents

Center for Personal Development for Children and Adolescents

The goal is to recruit groups in various directions, teaching and entertaining. Promotion in social networks with the help of tergetized advertising, promotion of posts, collection of leads, applications for training and camp. Permanent work brings an obvious positive effect. The number of subscribers of the page is constantly growing, the groups are recruiting.

Manufacturer Of Solid Fuel And Other Boilers

Manufacturer of solid fuel and other boilers

The way of promotion is social networks, facebook. The purpose of targeted advertising is to increase traffic to the site, to increase the number of visitors, and, consequently, to increase the number of sales. The goal was achieved.

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