Complex promotion of new buildings using PPC advertising

Residential complex

Project`s goals

Project`s goals

The customer contacted us with a request for an increase in the number of purchases of apartments at the stage of residential complex development, which is very competitive in this price segment. Previously, PPC advertising was not launched, but advertising in social media was launched by another agency.


What was done

The niche is highly competitive. Before launching advertising campaigns, we studied the client's business in detail, analyzed the website and gave a task to the developers to optimize the load speed of the landing pages.
Before starting the campaigns, we offered the client 3 advertising strategies and calculated the budget to run each of them. As a result, a strategy was chosen taking into account the wishes and capabilities of the client and we launched search advertising campaign on transactional general queries (buy an apartment, sell apartments); transactional and information requests for new buildings (new buildings, prices for apartments in new buildings, buy an apartment from the developer). Brand inquiries were also included
We created a Google Ads account, collected semantics, developed an ad account structure, and set up search campaigns
We set up analytics: created a Google Analytics account, set up goals, gathered audiences for remarketing, linked a Google Ads account to Analytics, set up conversion import
Before the launch of advertising campaign, we have collected about 8000 negative keywords, as the real estate niche is quite popular in google queries
After analyzing the results of advertising campaigns in the first month, we decided to leave only transactional requests for the sale of apartments in new buildings, because these advertising campaigns were the most effective and the cost of the application was optimal for the client
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