How a small business can attract customers from online to offline: a case study children's school of Etiquette

School of Etiquette

Project data

Project data

Service -targeted advertising
Subject- etiquette school
Platform - Instagram, Facebook



We came up with different concepts of banners
Created 4 banners for advertising
We wrote 3 variants of text
Created segmented audiences for 3 groups
Launched advertising campaigns

What was done

All types of banners were launched, ad groups were created
One of the ad groups and 1 of the banners showed the best results
The other groups and the banner did not work and were disabled
The goals of advertising campaigns selected for testing confirmed the hypotheses and showed a good result at the testing stage
Banners were launched: static, dynamic (gifs) and video. Dynamic creatives showed the best results
Some of the banners, about 20, did not work and were promptly replaced with new creative ones
Part of the ad groups for identical groups were merged, which allowed to attract more leads at a lower price
Instagram feed
Instagram stories
Facebook feed
Facebook stories
Results for a month
Leads received
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Price per lead


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